Managed Services

At AEG Digital Media we take a television approach to online broadcasting that enables us to provide the reliability and redundancy that traditional broadcasters have come to expect.

  • Transmission & Signal Acquisition Services

    We know the importance of making sure your event is available when the audience wants to view it. Unforeseen outages could negatively impact your relationship with sponsors, advertisers and viewers alike.  We design your transmission path the same way we would for broadcast television. We also monitor all aspects of your event to ensure quick response to any problems that may arise, and actively update all parties.

    We have the capability to acquire content from anywhere in the world for your live streaming experience. We do everything so you don’t have to. We can produce the event, provide crews and equipment, as well as book all necessary fiber and satellite time. We either downlink the live signal through satellite or receive your feed via terrestrial fiber. Actively working with you to ensure you receive the most stable and reliable feed.

  • Encoding Services

    After successful transmission from your venue/event it’s time to get the content ready for the web. Whether it is a live concert, sporting event, corporate meeting, or any other event, we are a one stop shop for live event broadcasting online.

    Our live encoding platform includes over 30 premium media encoders. With primary and backup paths of both inbound video signals and outbound IP delivery, our encoding infrastructure allows us to provide complete redundancy for live webcasts so you can be assured your content will reach your audience.

    Ultimately we can help you prepare digitized content for every device, everywhere.

  • Content Delivery Services

    We work with top tier content delivery partner Akamai to ensure that your feeds are available at all times. It is our goal to serve content to a global audience while making ourselves available and ensuring our products are operating at the highest level.

  • Advanced Analytics

    AEGDM provides the top audience information in the digital media industry today via our integration with market leader, Conviva. This service provides the only real-­‐time, cross-­‐platform audience measurement that continuously monitors 100 percent of your audience’s health and behavior, providing up to the second reliability. We have developed Advanced Audience Analytics over the past 3 years based on multiple clients’ feedback. These analytics have focused on satisfying Advertisers, Marketing Executives and Audience Research requirements from the world’s largest broadcasters, sports leagues, online portals and digital agencies. In addition, our clients can be provided access to Conviva’s online monitoring tool, Pulse. In addition to live audience trending information, Pulse also provides up to the second statistics during each event to monitor the health of your streaming ecosystem, as well as historical trends for up to a year. Our strategic relationship enables a unique integration leveraging Conviva’s Audience APIs to provide our clients a customized audience analysis almost immediately following your event.

  • Mobile and Connected Device Delivery

    We help you identify and execute a mobile delivery plan that will allow your content to be seen on almost any device or tablet, anytime, anywhere…  Whether your users have Androids, iPhones, tablets or connected TVs – we have a solution in place for all.

  • Dedicated Event Management

    We ensure you will have a central coordination point for the duration of your event. Our Event Managers know the intricacies of live events. They will blend our technical departments with those of your existing vendors to execute all aspects of the proposed event.

    From global award shows, to concerts, to conferences – AEG Digital Media Event Managers handle all digital services, to ensure the highest standards are met at all times.