AEG Digital Media “Changes Music World” with Live Streaming of Coachella Music Festival.

According to CNET’s Daniel Terdiman, those who didn’t catch the streaming Webcast of the Coachella music festival missed the chance to see the music world changing before their eyes.

“Over the three days, people from all over the world took advantage of the opportunity to see what the festival was like, viewing the stream nearly 4 million times,” Terdiman writes. “And almost certainly, thousands of those watching decided that they have to go in person next year, even as the bands that played no doubt picked up large numbers of new fans they would never before have been able to reach.”

Participant bands noticed the evolution as well. Nine Inch Nails’ creative director Rob Sheridan said that the live streaming made the event feel much more significant than anything he had ever experienced.

“I can see that this is where things are going,” Sheridan said.

For organizers, bands, fans and sponsors, the Webcast was an overwhelming win. From all over the world, people posted or tweeted their enthusiasm for the festival, even pledging in the Twittersphere to purchase the sponsor’s products.

“That’s the kind of organic response on which paradigm shifts are built,” Terdiman writes.

AEG Digital Media is proving that live video experiences can effect audiences in the same way being physically present can. The world is certainly watching as it alters the streaming video space forever.

“In short, if you couldn’t be at Coachella, this was the next best thing,” Terdiman remarks. “And it didn’t cost a dime. Or require waiting in line in scorching Southern California desert heat for a porta-potty.”