ABC’s The Glass House

Viewers Control ABC’s New Series, “The Glass House,” with AEG Digital Media’s Turnkey Technology.

Taking reality TV to the next level by providing a truly immersive viewer experience, ABC created a new reality series, “The Glass House,” where viewers direct the show as they vote and watch online. Fourteen contestants compete for a quarter of a million dollars in an effort to win over the audience each week. ABC needed the technology to smoothly integrate audience participation, allowing viewers to direct the show through live video streaming and audience polling.

Why AEG Digital Media?

AEG Digital Media’s rich product offering includes all forms of video transmission, VOD processing, multiple bit rate encoding, and advanced audience insights to ensure the best experience. This offering, coupled with interactive tools, makes for a powerful combination of engaging, high impact social polling and a high quality viewing experience. For “The Glass House,” AEG Digital Media deployed the Tremolo Player and the MC.

The Tremolo Player ensures a seamless viewing experience with its unique features:

* Multiple Camera Angles – Up to nine different camera angles on a single page to showcase all of the action occurring within the Glass House.
* Highly Customizable – AEG Digital Media provided ABC with specific functionality and custom branding.
* Bandwidth Aware – Designed to provide the best experience to the largest audiences all over the world.

The MC is an interactive polling application that allows viewers to answer trivia questions, participate in polls, and see interesting stats and announcements that enable fans to take part in the live event. The MC encourages viewers to pick their favorite contestants, give outside advice, and direct who will sleep where, what they’ll eat and wear, and other fun details of the show.

“We are excited to put viewers in charge with this interactive real life and real-time reality competition. The Glass House will be using state-of-the-art technology to facilitate first-of-its-kind audience integration.”

- Tim Bock, Vice President of Production for ABC Alternative Series and Specials

The Solution

Never before has a primetime show utilized live Internet streaming and polling to allow its audience to drive the show. With AEG Digital Media’s technology, ABC is able to offer its audience the ability to influence a variety of events in the house by voting in the Live Stream Voting, the Daily Voting and by choosing favorites in the house. The Live Stream Voting lets viewers have real-time influence of events seen during the live stream online. The Daily Voting impacts on-air episodes and includes a number of voting opportunities each day through which viewers can influence events in the house—including major decisions such as who should be given a chance to return to the house. Viewers can vote on as few or as many people that they would like to stay in the house.

AEG Digital Media’s technology allows viewers to step inside The Glass House and control the contestants’ fragile fate.