Online Broadcast Center

AEG Digital Media is a world-class leader in online streaming, broadcasting and production of live events such as music, sports, television and the world’s most popular award shows with leading brands and partners.  AEG Digital Media’s Online Broadcast Center offers full service broadcast-grade managed services and distribution which allows broadcasters and content providers to encode and stream live content around the globe.  AEGDM has also extended its global satellite acquisition footprint to New York, London and Australia, allowing for true global coverage.

AEG Digital Media has the technical capabilities to conceptualize, produce, and execute the live streaming and webcast of programming and events on a global level as we move toward the next generation of content consumption.

AEG Digital Media’s facilities include diesel generator backup (with 8 days of on-­site fuel and a fueling contract), dual UPS and transformers for all customer racks, network diversity across 3 ISPs, twelve downlink antennas (ranging from 2.4 meters–7.2 meters), dark fiber ring to the Los Angeles Switch as well as connectivity to the AT&T video hub.

Please see our Online Broadcast Center Technical Specification Sheet for further information.

  • Fully Redundant Encoding & Colocation Space

    Our Online Broadcast Center is a centralized operations facility where video connectivity, equipment space, and bandwidth are available for long term leasing. Our center provides space, power, cooling, and physical security of your server, storage, and networking equipment allowing us to manage and monitor 24/7. This also provides you with direct connectivity leveraging our peering with variety of telco networks with minimum cost and complexity, all while leveraging the premier providers in the live encoding services to manage your encoding infrastructure so you can focus on your business.

    Our TOC staff is available 24/7 to help coordinate feeds and route video to your equipment on an as needed basis. Customers can take advantage of using dedicated encoders provided by AEGDM or colocate their own encoding hardware within our facilities, fully managed by our expert team. This approach enables a horizontally scalable approach to activate new channels at a minute’s notice, as well as take advantage of volume pricing.

  • Transmission Operations Center

    Our transmission operations center is the technical hub of our broadcast services. It is the ingest point where your signal is encoded for online broadcast. Our master control room includes video and network monitoring tools, satellite receivers, video servers, and computer broadcast automation equipment for recording and playback of programming, all fully routable. Our operations center is staffed with master control technicians around-the-clock to ensure quality and continuous operation. In addition, AEGDM has long standing strategic partnerships with the worlds most connected data providers with direct fiber peering with The Switch, L.A. LIVE, AT&T Video Hub, PacTV (RX & TX), Arqiva, and BT Tower to offer a truly global acquisition at the best possible price-points.

  • Content Operations and Setup

    AEG Digital Media’s Content Delivery Network Services, hosts, tracks and reliably delivers encoded video to your audience. We have a robust relationship with our CDN partners to ensure that we have full control and management rights of your streaming during testing and your live event.
  • Video on Demand

    We also offer efficient encoding and hosting of on demand video content for delivery once the live show is over. We can create clips for on demand playback and host any other video material you would like to integrate with your event. We work with all leading media formats allowing ingest/output to any physical or file based media types.

    AEG Digital Media can produce high quality VOD clips from your live event within minutes, providing a wealth of content that can be posted quickly. A large event that receives major media coverage can take advantage of the surge in post event web traffic with a whole event’s worth of streaming content available on demand on any given site.